We all have experiences and trials that shape us into who we are. You may be surprised to find that others have been through similar experiences as you. Please share your story of triumph through tragedy. For more ideas on article writing, reference the topics below:

*How do you stay Drug Free? How have you overcome addiction? Warning signs that a friend or family member may be using drugs?
*Alcohol- Why I choose not to drink. The dangers of Alcoholism. Alternatives to drinking or taking drugs.
*Suicide- How to overcome depression. The impact on friends and family. Where to turn for help. Is there anybody who knows what I’m feeling?
*Eating Disorders- Learning to love your body. Anorexia, Bulimia, & Over-eating, Warning signs, Health Problems associated with Eating disorders.
*Abuse- Have you been a victim to any form of abuse? Share how you have overcome abuse in your life. Where to go for help. Victims of Rape and sexual assault.
*World Issues –Going Green, Global Warming- Fact or Fiction, Recycling-3 R’s, War, etc…
*Teen Pregnancy- What it’s like to be a teen-parent. Alternatives to Abortion. How to avoid the bedroom. What are STD’s?

To submit an article(s) please include in the subject line, your Name, School Name, and State. Remeber to attach your files, and if sending more then one please compress the files if possible. You will also need to provide a Media Release Form with every submission in order to be published. Contact us if you have any further questions.


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